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  1. Posted by trollie, — Reply

    Smart doggie,but unfortunately it's true that they get very ill,or even die...we won't want that to happen to our lovely doggies, because we love them sooooooooo much💕💕💕💕

  2. Posted by shmonyee, — Reply

    Yes we do , but I gave Sammy our boxer Hershey kisses for her whole life, every day , and she lived 17 years,for the record I haven't given ouri other dogs any since I was aware it was harmful

  3. Posted by lizzyLoo5, — Reply

    It actually takes a lot of chocolate to make a dog die for example my dog once ate a half of a chocolate cake and didn't get sick but I wouldn't recommend giving your dog chocolate especially if it's smaller

  4. Posted by lmesimeris, — Reply

    If I could ask God one question before I die it would be why the hell would you make dogs die when they eat chocolate?!!!

  5. Posted by daviekathayes, — Reply

    My dog is a big bullmastiff and once she at a bag of white chocolate KitKats

  6. Posted by victorianna_p, — Reply

    We won't take any chances gorgeous! ❤️❤️

  7. Posted by DannyboyMolly, — Reply

    🐾🥰🧐The canine❣️

  8. Posted by switchblade145, — Reply

    It is true

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